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Shoulder rehab in progress! Come to PT Matters for all your joint tune ups!

If your body isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to us.

    ★A year from now, you will wish you had started today★

●If you don't like where you are, move!  You are not a tree!

     ★Eat anti-inflammatory whole foods.

✤Death begins in the colon; you are in fact, what you eat.

     ◆Strong hip muscles and flexible hamstrings are key.

➤Drink fresh water all day long.

     ☛Intentional exercise is the key!

MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!  Call us for all your physical therapy needs!

In 10 sessions, you will feel better; in 20 sessions, you will look better; in 30 sessions, you will be changed.                             ~Joseph Pilates